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WOW! Faculty & Staff Shout Out Page

Let us know if you have a WOW! experience at Southland, take a moment and jot it down and put it in the box in the Main Office!   

See what is being said about Southland's Faculty and Staff!

Wendy Lott-Resource Assistant

"Wendy is also a crossing guard. She is always friendly with parents and students. She waves and smiles to everyone and starts everyone's day off right."

Jenny Bass - Resource Assistant

"calm in the face of chaos. Jenny has an amazing and creative mind when working with the kids."

Mindy Kinder - Lunch Manager

"runs an incredible lunchroom.  We are lucky to have such a great manager!"

Mary Garcia –Special Ed

“great role model for the kids…..always there when someone needs help”

Lacey Butterfield – 1st Grade

“she has so much patience and understanding…we love her!”

Cindy White & Cathy Blake – Office

“they keep things going… very friendly and helpful…they have a smile for everyone”

Kalene Neff – Office

“is the glue that holds Southland together…if you need anything or have a question she knows the answer!”

Rex Prescott - Guidance

Doesn't hesitate to jump in and help in any situation.  He is always there when we need help with students!  We are so grateful to have Rex at Southland.

Gaylene Obert - Lunch Assistant

"is a fabulous assistant.  She is hardworking, dependable and fun, we couldn't run without her."

Clint Hamilton – Lead Custodian

“is amazing!...stayed late on a Friday, so we could start the next week well”

Teresa Rosetti – 2nd Grade

“she is very patient and awesome with her students”

Lisa Jackson – Principal

“she always listens.  She has been a wonderful fit for our great school”

Wendy Lott – Special Ed

“is such an asset to Southland.  Inside or Outside, we can count on Wendy.”