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WOW! Faculty & Staff Shout Out Page

Let us know if you have a WOW! experience at Southland, take a moment and jot it down and put it in the box in the Main Office!   

See what is being said about Southland's Faculty and Staff!

Jenny Bass - Resource Assistant

"calm in the face of chaos. Jenny has an amazing and creative mind when working with the kids."

Mindy Kinder - Lunch Manager

"runs an incredible lunchroom.  We are lucky to have such a great manager!"

Mary Garcia –Special Ed

“great role model for the kids…..always there when someone needs help”

Lacey Butterfield – 1st Grade

“she has so much patience and understanding…we love her!”

Cindy White & Cathy Blake – Office

“they keep things going… very friendly and helpful…they have a smile for everyone”

Kalene Neff – Office

“is the glue that holds Southland together…if you need anything or have a question she knows the answer!”

Gaylene Obert - Lunch Assistant

"is a fabulous assistant.  She is hardworking, dependable and fun, we couldn't run without her."

Clint Hamilton – Lead Custodian

“is amazing!...stayed late on a Friday, so we could start the next week well”

Teresa Rosetti – 2nd Grade

“she is very patient and awesome with her students”

Lisa Jackson – Principal

“she always listens.  She has been a wonderful fit for our great school”

Wendy Lott – Special Ed

“is such an asset to Southland.  Inside or Outside, we can count on Wendy.”