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Behavior and Attendance Expectations

Southland Elementary
Behavior & Attendance Expectations

Behavior Plan

At Southland Elementary it is always our top priority to keep students safe and to create a
positive learning environment. We want every student in our school to know that they are
valued and that they have the ability to learn and to succeed. We spent the first week of school
teaching students the expectations in each area of the school. This included the classroom,
gym, cafeteria, hallways, office, bathrooms, playground, computer lab, and library. We ended
the week with an assembly to celebrate our understanding of the rules and to introduce a Wii
party reward for the class who demonstrates these expectations the best during each assembly.
We have worked very hard to ensure that every student understands the expectations in each
area of the school in an effort to help each student find success.
In order to provide the best learning atmosphere possible for students, we will be
implementing a new tracking system that we believe will help our students develop the skills
they need to be successful in school. In order to develop good habits, we would like all students
to follow some basic expectations.
• Be compliant: This means that students follow the directions given to them by supervising
adults. The students should comply quickly and without argument. This includes being asked to
stop a behavior or being asked to do something.
• Be respectful: This includes showing respect to adults and other students in the building,
showing respect for school property and the properly of others, and using respectful language
at all times.
• Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself: Every student has the right to come to school
without the fear of being hit, kicked, or hurt. Every student should feel safe at school.
In the event that a student fails to adhere to one or more of the expectations listed above,
he/she will receive a written reminder. Any adult in a supervisory position in the building may
give a written reminder to a student. The consequence for receiving a written reminder will be
as follows:
• First written reminder: with assistance from their teacher, the student will call home
from the classroom to inform parents/guardians of the circumstances surrounding the event.
• Second written reminder: with assistance from their teacher, the student will call
home from the classroom to inform parents/guardians of the circumstances surrounding the
event. The student will miss one preferred event at school such as recess or another teacher
chosen activity. If the student is directed to miss recess, he/she may be directed to participate
in “Empower Play.” This is a structured recess activity guided by assistants.
• Third written reminder: the student will call home from the office to inform
parents/guardians of the circumstances surrounding the event. Parents may be invited in for a
meeting and appropriate consequences will be determined between the student, teacher,
parent/guardian, and administration.
If a pattern of a negative student behavior occurs, parents will be notified and further action
may be taken.

If an event occurs at school such as a safe school violation, students may be sent directly to the
office where parents will be notified and students may receive consequences as appropriate.
At Southland Elementary we want every student to have a positive educational experience. We
believe that our students are capable of great things and that each one will be able to reach
their potential. We thank you for your help and support in making Southland a safe place for
students to learn and grow.

Attendance Plan

At Southland Elementary School we believe that every minute is important in your child’s
educational journey. Southland’s daily attendance goal is 100% attendance with no tardies.

Punctuality shows your child you think school is important!

Children thrive on routine, and do not like to stand out from their friends. Joining the class
when everybody else is settled and ready to learn can create anxiety for many children. Arriving
just five minutes late means students may miss the opportunity to share important news or
messages with their teacher as they establish the routines and expectations for the coming day.
Even just five minutes a day adds up to a whole three days a year!
We encourage students to be at school, on time, each and every day and remain in class until
the final bell rings. Each day of school is part of a sequential learning process; therefore
unnecessarily missing a full day or part of a day should be avoided. We want all students to
benefit from all instructional opportunities and encourage students to remain at school until
dismissal each day.
Did you know that:
•When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and
chances for graduating from high school and attending college.
•Research shows that missing 10% of the school year, or about 18 days, negatively
affects a student’s academic performance. This amount of lost instructional time
constitutes chronic absenteeism.
•Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school
year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of
The exceptions to this attendance plan are when students exhibit a contagious illness, vomiting,
fever, or diarrhea. In these cases, students are required to stay at home.