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STEM FAIR Results:

3rd Place:  Science is Art by Daisy & Naybi

2nd Place:  Hovercraft by Ellis

1st Place:  Solar Super Capacitor Car by Trevyn & Clancy

2nd Place:  Engineering the Simple Motor by Tydon

1st Place:  Bounce That by Eli

2nd Place: Fluffy Pop by Kacie

2nd Place: Dirtiest Thing in Your House by Avery & Kate

1st Place: Hydroponics by Derek

1st Place:  Home Run Math by Luke

2nd Place: What Makes a Paper Airplane Fly by Kimball

Southland is currently collecting information for new Kindergarten students for the upcoming school year.  If your student qualifies for the Sept. 1st deadline, please email the following information to

Full Name; Date of Birth: M/F; Address; Phone: Parent/Guardian Name/s and email

Principal's News

Southland Elementary - February 2018

*Lisa Jackson Principal

Congratulations to our 2nd Grade team, Lori Gammon, and Caitlin Jakositz. They received a total of $3,918.94 in Jordan Education Foundation Grants that will go towards items to help students in their classrooms!

Our Dig It Musical was a success! Thank you to Mary Jackson, Sharon Kartchner, Vanessa Burton, Jen Preece, & Suzie Cocanour for all of their hard work with our students! The countless number of hours that went into putting on such an amazing performance showed. Congratulations to all of the students involved in the musical-you were amazing!

Student Leader News

Each of our student leader groups will be taking a month to contribute what they see happening at Southland & to tell us more about their contributions to our school. This month is our Announcement Team. Here is what they have to say.

“I love how we work together. We come up with a joke.”

“I like talking over the intercom.”

“Every Wednesday four students speak to the school and tell the announcements, school lunch, the four big rules, what is happening that day, and the school song, and a joke.”

“I make people happy in the mornings.”

“I like this team because I enjoy speaking in front of people and announcing things.”    

Southland Student Leaders

January Leader Chat Slideshow

Our guests for our January Leader Chat were the Student Body Officers from Riverton High School.  They shared different ways to be a leader with our students. They also agreed that sometimes being a leader is uncomfortable. Here are some of their suggestions:

Callie Howell, Artist:  We can all take care of our surroundings, for example pick up trash.

Matt Van Detta, Communications: Listen to your peers  - Don't be afraid to do the little things like holding a door for someone.

Bryce Hansen, Technology:  What you do get's noticed, especially service or helping out when needed.

Brian Pham, President:  Doing service is a great way to be a leader, Silver Rush was able to raise much needed funds for local charities.

McKay Kimball, Finances:  Learn new skills to use resources effectively. Be an example to those around you.

Lizzie Wood, Student Recognition:  Everyone needs a friend, sometimes you can be the one that puts people who need each other together.

Larsen Williams, Historian:   Get everyone involved, one person can't do it all.