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Principal's News

Southland Elementary - March 2018

*Lisa Jackson Principal

Our first and second grade classes celebrated 100 Days of School!


Our Chinese students and teachers presented a spectacular performance to help us celebrate Chinese New Year during our Chinese New Year Assembly! Thank you to all who were involved in making this event a success!

Student Leader News

Bully Blockers

Leadership Team


This month we are spotlighting our Bully Blocker Team and Leadership Teams. Here is what they have to say!

“We help stop bullying in our school and talk about how to help at our meetings.”

“I feel like I am special because I am a Bully Blocker. I love the job.”

“I like helping people to make their day if someone was bullying them. I also love being a community and making new friends because we all want to help with the same cause.”

“We help other people be a leader too.”

“I like to show an example.”                                     
“I like speaking in front of people at assemblies.”

Southland Student Leader Chat

February Student Leader Chat Participants

Our guests for our February Leader Chat was Mayor Trent Skaggs of Riverton City.  He shared some great things with our students.

We learned that before he was Mayor he worked with a company that invents new technology, and now he works with a company that helps clean up oil spills. Being Mayor is a part-time job and requires him to lead City Council Meetings at least twice a month.

Mayor Staggs said someone who listens makes a good leader. He said, "I listen because I represent everyone in Riverton." He especially focused on Habit #4: Think Win-Win. He said compromise is the key to thinking Win-Win, and he uses it all the time in city government. When City Council members disagree they are often able to find an agreement by compromising together. He said communication is also very important for using Habit 4.

Mayor Staggs said one of the ways he was a leader as a kid was by being a friend to everyone. He said if you're a leader, you're a friend. He said this concept ties in with habit 4 because you have to find ways to make everyone happy when you're friends, you have to listen and work through things together.

He also said "I believe I can learn from everyone."  Thank you for Mayor Skaggs for being our guest at Southland.