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Weather Policies & Safety Information


In order to help parents and students better prepare for the winter weather we want you to be aware of what factors are involved in determining an inside vs. an outside day. We highly encourage students to come dressed for winter weather every day including coat, hat, gloves, and boots. Snow pants are also encouraged as they help students avoid spending the remainder of their school day in wet pants. 

At Southland Elementary we use the following temperatures as a guide for inside/outside days.

20 degrees and warmer=outside day (including windchill)

19 degrees and colder=inside day (including windchill)

The following websites are consulted to find the current temperature and air quality conditions:

Weather Bug

Utah Air

There are many other factors that are considered when the office and administration make a determination regarding inside or outside days. These include, but are not limited to extreme winds, lightning in proximity to campus, significant wet precipitation, large areas of water/ice, red air quality condition, and other factors that may impact students playing safely outdoors.


Jordan School District has standardized procedures in place for emergency response in all of its schools. All school personnel, substitute teachers, and students are trained annually to respond to five types of emergencies: Bomb Threats, Earthquakes, Fires, Environmental Hazards, and Unwelcome Intruders.