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Special Programs & Grade Level Events


We are pleased to have the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP) in our school in Mrs. Weber's art class. The program provides arts-integrated instruction to elementary students, effectively increasing student performance in every subject—from language arts and social studies to math and science. The program is currently in 300 Utah elementary schools in 31 districts (including over 30 charter schools) and is serving approximately 202,800 students. To help support the program statewide, parents are encouraged to write to their legislators once a year. By signing up at the following link, you will receive an email reminder when it is time to write and an example letter to send. Please visit to sign up. Visit for more information about the program.


Math Teams: Grades 1 - 6  participate in Monster Math and the Math Olympiad

Christmas Choir: Grades 3 - 6 before school program with two performances each year

School Musical:  Grades 3 - 6 participate in a musical every other year that teaches and entertains

Battle of the Books: Grades 3 - 6 read extra books and compete in the Battle each Spring, parent volunteers lead these readers

Science Bee:  Grades 4 - 6 study science concepts and compete on grade level to prepare for end of year testing and our Annual Science Bee

Science Club: 3rd Grade Monthly after school hands-on Science presentations & experiences

STEM Club: 4th Grade monthly after-school hands-on STEM presentations and experiences

Mandarin Time: Upper-Grade practice for Chinese Language Competition

Leadership Teams:  PE, Service, Leadership Crew, Safety Patrol, Announcements, Bully Blockers, etc.

Chinese New Year Events:  All Immersion classes celebrate Chinese culture and music